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Read what critics and industry people are saying about Go Robot, Go!'s first album "Shinola"


RANT! With Mike '99

"Big, big thumbs up for this cd..unique enough to be interesting, very interesting..Shinola is going to come down to a hit single..were I in a position to sign talent to big deals-I'd send some lackey out to check out their show."

Critiques-Music Connection Magazine-Hollywood, CA November '98

"..catchy hooks and tight harmonies...clearly as talented as other power popsters with label deals..Shinola's package shows them to be a band with personality to burn."

Buzz Fitzgerald-The Album Network Magazine-LA, CA March '98

"A&R people looking for the future of pop music should be calling Shinola now."

Marty Cole-The Other Paper-Columbus, OH November '97/December '97

"What a find!'s the best local CD I've heard in a long time. These guys are way better than most." #3 on Marty's "Top 10 albums of the year" list

Mike Breen-City Beat Newspaper-Cincinnati, OH April '98

"..a hook-laden dynamo. .."That Girl Is Dead" would be raping and pillaging its way up the Billboard charts in a just world. .."Hello" is better that anything Paul McCartney or Bob Pollard have come up with in years. ..Shinola is still not only one of the top Buckeye releases I've heard all year but one of the best overall."

David Powers-Scene Magazine-Cleveland, OH April '98

".."Groovy Thing" has all the right moves for a timeless radio play.. ..a vocal style sure to be duplicated soon by the Spice Girls, or any other group trying to cash in on someone else's originality. ..the music is well played, well written and intelligent.. ..Nobody can do it better than Shinola.."

Cory Webster-Cinncinatlas Online-Cincinnati, OH May '98

"Groovy Thing..The rhythm is great, easy going but soulful, yep, it had heart and with the sounds of the guitar almost bleeding gives it pure enlightenment. This would be a cool single.."

Robin Jentes-The Ohio State Lantern Newspaper-Columbus, OH May '98

"..hip, unique sound.. ..catchy, happy-go-lucky music.."

Greg V.-Out Of Order e-zine-January '99

"..the back to basics approach to songwriting is a very refreshing listen..Go see them, give them your money and get a CD.."

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