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The Columbus Dispatch Weekender July '99

"...Convertible contains mostly catchy pop-rock with one tune, Strawberry Blonde, that latched onto our nervous system like the monster in Alien.."

David Powers - Scene Magazine July '99

"....Convertible still delivers the tunes...."See You on the Radio" is the prophetic first track and easily the best on the album."

Marty Cole - The Other Paper June '99

"....I've heard them in their Go Robot, Go debut, Convertible, and it's's hard to believe Go Robot, Go! will fall off very many radar screens. If that is what happens, it won't be because of the music. They're very good."

Adam Garratt - Columbus Alive June '99

"Anyone interested in the digital influence on pop should check out Go Robot, Go!  In the same vain anyone curious as to how OK Computer recorded with the help of Prozac would have electronic pop you can't help but smile at....Nealbot, Drummer Unit 2112, JL Mod 12 and DCv.79 have assembled a collection of great tunes, with post-millenium fervor. "

John Boyer - advice for robots musiczine / WOBN radio June '99

"Fresh with 'out of this world' robot back up vocals, brilliant keyboard stylings and the big guitar sound necessary in any power pop band make GRG a wonderful band... Give GRG a chance and you won't be disappointed."

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